Nine Gorgeous Adoptions for first weekend of June

As 1st June arrived on Saturday with glorious weather to welcome in the summer so no boundaries welcomed 7 dogs from their long journey from Romania with adopters waiting to welcome them with open arms and love beyond

Adopt a rescue be part of something wonderful
adopting Saves life’s and makes a house a home 🏠

an emotional day was had by all with family’s sitting in my field getting to know their new pups before taking them home, where advice could be found and experiences shared it was a wonderful day

I love to match my adopters up and with limited space here in the rescue if your looking to adopt get IN touch with me there are so many dogs needing dogs 🐶 homes were sure we can find you your purfect paw-friend 🐾🐾

There is always solutions we just need to keep finding them 💕


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