From Danyflor Hell to Happy Tails of Nog

As part of our rescue work, we ask our rescuer Mia to step into Danyflor Public Shelter, here the owner is paid by government to catch stray dogs, the dog catchers are paid per dog up to 50 euros per dog!! its easy game for them to travel out to villages and round up domestic dogs, who may be laying in sun on grass verges, or just waddling around the village doing no harm, to be caught with wire noose dragged along the ground and thrown into a van full of other dogs, from puppies to large dogs, to whelping mothers whose pups are left behind, I know of the horrors these dogs go through, having visited Danylfor on my visits to Romania I have seen the despair in their eyes, droop of their tails along with sores and bites they endure, so its always a privilege to help these souls repair and watch them mend, I love the Danyflor Breakout Posts we can do because I then know Ive tried!!

Nog was taken out in October 2020, and came into our Rescue Centre in December ........

Now Nog gets to tell his tail

Hello or as we say in Romania Buna Viua My Name is Nog

When I arrived on the Happy Bus from Romania to stay at the No Boundaries Dog Rescue hotel in Send, I was very shy and nervous. Two people I know Who I will tell you about in a minute both cried while watching me arrive on Facebook and fell in love with me straight away.

I had a lovely stay at No Boundaries and made lots of friends, they really looked after me and treated me like a V.I.P. and gave me lots of love. They told me that soon someone would come and give me a forever home and help me forget my previous life.

On New Year’s Eve 2020, the ladies at No Boundaries told me that a couple were coming to visit me to see if we would get on. A lovely carer Helen, introduced me to the couple and they took me for a walk in the field and the woods.

The lady was lovely but I didn’t really take to the man but I enjoyed being with them. They agreed that they would like to have me live with them so we went back to the kennels to tell Helen. After a lot of sitting around talking and form filling and hugs and kisses from the carers I was suddenly leaving that day. They even gave my new mum and dad food, a bowl, lead and harness and a blanket as it was so sudden. I got in the car and sat on the back seat with my new mum while dad drove us for about half an hour, I was very good with my new mum cuddling me.

When I got out of the car, I was very nervous about where I had been taken and my new mum and dad led me straight out to the lovely garden where, I have to admit, I did a big wee. I love the artificial grass in the garden and love to spend time rolling on my back scratching those parts I can’t normally reach. I explored my new home and found a strange construction called stairs, which I had never seen before. Dad had to carry me up to bed and then down again in the morning, until I got the confidence to try it for myself, now I’m up and down like a yo-yo.

On New Year’s Day my new dad went to Pets at Home and bought me a proper bed, which after he had taken off the labels he put on the floor, I jumped straight in and settled down, it is my safe place. I have a nice reminder of No Boundaries, a little stuffed toy, and mum gave me a little cushion that used to belong to her last dog. I have also got a night-night bed upstairs which is very comfy.

Since arriving in my new home, I have had to learn English but I can already tell what mum and dad are saying by the way they say it and have learnt quickly what no means.

I was very nervous when mum and dad started taking me out for walks but have quickly got used to traffic noise and even take no notice of big buses and lorries. I am now on my third different harness as I have put on some weight with all the good food and exercise, I am getting.

We go on lovely walks in a park just round the corner and I love exploring the woods, we have started going to a nature reserve and riverside walk next to the park which is very nice.

Due to my bad experiences in Romania, I am still very wary of other dogs and think that they are all out to hurt me. I have however made some friends, especially brodie, mollie and meg who live with mum and dad’s friends and we have started sharing treats when we meet when out walking.

I have now settled in to a nice routine which has helped me to be more comfortable because I like to know when I am going to be fed and what time is bed time. I will start whimpering when it’s food time and when it is walking time and mum and dad normally comply.

When I left No Boundaries, I had a special bag of goodies including some toys, a ball, a squeaky toy and a rope thing, I still don’t know what I am supposed to do with them, dad has tried to show me in the garden but I’m still not bothered. Dad says I will eventually learn.

Things I like about my new life,

Walking, we meet so many people who all say what a handsome chap I am and mum and dad keep telling them my story.

Food, I love my food and dad has subscribed to monthly deliveries from Barking Heads, they are yummy.

I love having morning cuddles and a rough and tumble with mum and dad in the morning on their bed while mum tries to drink a cup of tea.

I love my mum and dad, although I didn’t take to dad when we first met, he now calls me his little shadow because I follow him everywhere.

I love the peace and quiet of my new life not having to worry about where my next meal is coming from and not having to fight off other dogs to survive.

Exploring, I love going to new places on my walks and love sniffing everything I can, dad says I am reading and leaving the dog equivalent of email and calls it wee mail.

I’ve become a very good guard dog and do lots of barking if I hear the door bell or letter box, I get confused sometimes by traffic going by and sometimes dash to the door barking when there is nobody there.

I am so grateful for all my friends at No Boundaries for finding my forever home and for my new mum and dad who love me so much.

Nog we Love you

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