Adopters, please note before you fill out our contact form understand that you are potentially committing to adopt a rescue !!
Rescue dogs need time, patience and commitment. You will be asked lots of questions, the reason for this is we do not wish our dogs to end up back in the kennels! Rescue have seen and had experiences that must be taken on board and only by taking this information in and committing to the dogs, will you see your chosen pet accept a new family life 
Step One 
We will contact you once this form has been received, as soon as possible.  Please be patient as we are busy settling in new dogs. Your chosen dog may already be reserved but we try our best to then show you a suitable dog as an alternative. 
Step two
We will need to arrange a home visit.  Many people worry about this, but once a home check is carried out it can highlight things potential owners have not thought about; we need to ensure your fencing is secure and the front of the house does not pose a risk of the dog escaping. Questions can be asked at this point as well. 
Step Three
You will be informed by us that the home check has been successful or maybe improvements need to be made and the again this will be discussed with you.
We will ask if you will be insuring your new pet and if not whether you have considered the cost implications of vet bills. If you are not insuring please note by law you must have third party public liability. This can be obtained via Dogs Trust for £25.00 year and we will require proof you have taken this out. It should also be noted once adopted the dog's vet bills are the owner's responsibility. 
Our Terms and Conditions 
Our Adoption Fee is £325.00. This is not a payment but is used toward the cost of preparing the dog to enter the UK. This is non-refundable and is payable on the day of Adoption. The need for insurance is essential as the rescue will be not be held responsible for vet bills. We will not place a dog in a home where the dog will be left for more than 4 hours a day. If the dog is a puppy the adopter agrees to spay or neuter when old enough, and agrees to take the puppy to training classes. New owners also agree to us keeping in contact when required which is normally via phone call or email. The pet's microchip is registered by us so you do not need to worry about this part - an email will be sent to you via Avid where you will be able to set up your own account. It is also understood that if your dog needs help with any behavioral issues that you will seek the help of a behaviorist  and we have behaviorists who can help you.
It is also understood that your pet must by law wear a dog ID TAG when in public and you have taken on board the above law requirement .
Dog Adoption Form 
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