Fostering SAVES Lives!!


In Rescue Work it's always hoped that every dog placed with a family will be forever but sadly this changes, for many reasons, so we then need to find a foster family so the dogs can be safe in rescue and than a new family found.

If you feel you could help by being a foster carer we would love to hear from you 


All Food and Vet Bills are Covered by us.


no boundares rescue uk based rescue for romanian dogs

Animal suffering is one of the biggest issues affecting our society today. From climate change to animal cruelty to pets looking for a home, our hands are full with both global and local challenges.

No Boundaries Dog Rescue  is all about making a difference, day after day, 365 days a year. Since 2016, our Animal Adoption Organization has been dedicated to improving the lives of native animals and pets across the globe. We believe that it is every human being’s responsibility to take care of the creatures around us, big or small. There are so many ways to help, so find yours today.

Are you Good at Fundraising?
You could help!

I would love to hear from you if you feel you could help move my rescue work forward. Fundraising is a rewarding experience which, sadly, I do not have time for! 

We need help running online auctions on Facebook , or any ideas that maybe you could think of - thank you.

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