What is required to get the dogs to the     UK 

A huge amount of effort so please think very carefully before committing our time is voluntary we just care about find these dogs a forever home - thank you 

Step 1:

We have your pet microchipped -  for pet travel and identification. Spayed Or Neutered if over 9 months old if you are adpoting a puppy you will be required to have this done once old enough 

Step 2:

Vaccination's are given to your pet in preparation for travel 

  1. Distemper

  2. Tracheobronchitis

  3. Parvo

  4. Rabies

  5. Hepatitis

  6. Coronavirus

  7. Wormed and deflead 

  8. If the dog is over 1 years of age we will carry out Snap4DX Test 

Step 4:

Your pet is issued with his/her own passport so that they can be traced via Defra and transport booked to bring your pet into the UK 

On arrival your Trace Paperwork and Pet Passport is handed over to you with you new arrival. Inside you will find micro - chip number and we will register the microchip to you this is done on a dual purpose.


 please remember if you pet is lost there is no  trace to get him own and is a legal requirement.