Available from 17.09.2021


24.12.2020 9 Months old






Smooth Terrier Type 10-12 kg with long legs

Wagner Terrier Type Boy


Saved from Danylfor Shelter when our rescuer Mia saw him, he is the most loving playful young man who gets on with all other dogs, Wagner could be place with another female dog for company

With his playful nature and joy of life we are looking for a family [children over 10] who have time to devote to lots of walks and playtime
He’s very very playful , very very very playful

All our dogs are Rescues this means they need dedicated adopters to understand and commit to settling them in to their new homes

They may need house training g- but most are normally clean and if not will not take long

They need time to settle in and find their paws in your home first and not be expected to go out on long walks or have recall or even sometimes not like a car ride this can take from few weeks to few months to settle down and believe they now belong so please before you take a step closer to finding a new pet understand they need you more than you need them and time is only thing they have to offer at present

Once settled these dogs make amazing home loving pets for all the family to enjoy!

Vaccinated: All our dogs received core vaccines that is approved by vets in Romania this is normally
Nobivac DHPPI x 2

Lepto x 2

Worming and Flea Treated [ we will advise that you worm your pet monthly until 1 years of age this should be supplied by your vet to ensure correct dose is given for puppies weight until adulthood

Passport - Your pet will have a passport and health book with all relevant details to take to vets to carry on their vaccine etc.
Microchip all our pets are microchipped and registered to no boundaries dog rescue once adopted this transfers to owner and we do all the necessary paperwork