Sydney Golden Oldie for Adoption

Available from 11.06









Syndey our Golden Oldie

Sydney is an old boy we saved from Danylfor Shelter he needed to have lots of dental work, so he's a little toothless now bless him, Sydney lived behind a block of flats in the City where the local people would feed him, he was no trouble and people generally cared for him, then the dog catchers came along and whilst in a deep sleep snatched him away into van and into hell of Danylfor, he did not deserve this none of the dogs do, now Sydney has been saved and we would like to find him a retirement home, where he can live out his days in peace, after settling in we are sure he will enjoy gentle walks to keep his bones from going stiff, a warm lap and sofa to lay down his head and understanding mum/dad who will let him settle down and just be a dog.

Sydney has been neutered and dental work done also blood tested to ensure he has no vector borne diseases but given his age it should be understood that we cannot guarantee any more than he needs a space for how long he may have left.

Sydney is a Golden Ticket - this means that No Boundaries are sponsoring his pre - work and the travel company have sponsored his space thank you Bogdan so we are not asking for an adoption donation for Norman we are just asking for someone to adopt him for what he is a GOLDEN OLDIE

let’s get this boy a new home