Available for Adoption NOW in Foster in UK


1.5.2021 4 Months Old






Mixed Breed we estimate he will 15 kg +

Bruce - Not First Time Owners


Bruce is in our Rescue centre now and available for meet and greet, he is lovely young boy but care watching of him we feel he needs an older sister or brother to give him confidence and give him a little growing up time, hes a gentle boy but we feel is feeling lost from being separated from his siblings and needs a little tlc to help him along

We will not place him with children under 10

A family with older children and DOG experience will be considered


we are looking for a family that will have the time and dedication to bring our pups up to be well balanced adult dog, All our pups, will need training, socialising and attending classes we firmly believe even if you have the years of dog experience that all rescue pups should have the opportunity to access this to help them catch up on valuable time that they have lost, whilst waiting to travel. Puppies in Romania are unable to enter the UK until they receive their Rabies Vaccine, this cannot be done until the pup is 3 months old, valuable time is lost for these rescues and they need TIME PATIENCE AND LOTS more than an average 8-week puppy. So before applying please be prepared for what this will involve to any puppy entering into your lives!

Training Classes are forming a part of our contract of adoption we hold classes here at rescue centre for all our adopters to access, along with off lead field to hire to enable our adopters to access all the support they need! You do not have to attend here if you are out of our area but you will be required to provide evidence that you have enrolled within your area!

Puppies Spay/Neutering
Male and Female under 6 months will require neutering at correct age this should be discussed with your vet

Vaccinated: All our dogs received core vaccines that is approved by vets in Romania this is normally
Nobivac DHPPI x 2
Lepto x 2

Worming and Flea Treated [ we will advice that you worm your pet monthly until 1 years of age this should be supplied by your vet to ensure correct dose is given for puppies weight until adulthood

Passport - Your pet will have a passport and health book with all relevant details to take to vets to carry on their vaccine etc.