No Boundaries Dog Rescue 

Adopting one of our Dogs Starts with Us ..... &

Ends with You !

About Me 

Why Romania - Why not ! there are no boundaries in Dog Rescue 

In 2016 after the loss of my brother, I got to scrolling through facebook, and learnt of the horrors and cruelty to the street dogs in Romania, one little dog caught my eye Tinkerbelle shes in my arms on right of the photo, a process of adoption began and 3 weeks later I  was delivered of  her by transport into my home!

Well I couldn't not leave the story there and got into helping more dogs its very addictive and once you allow these lost soults into your life you have to just carry on. Now 4 years later and having saved and re-homed over 300 dogs we are still going strong.

I now have private kennels in my home, where all out dogs come from Romania after being prepared and we get to know them so when potentioal adopters come along we can match them to right home.


As the rescue has grown so has my Team and I am veryfortunate  to have a lovely team to help with adoption process

We are a friendly,commited team and very approachable in return we ask all potential adopters to really think hard before applying to adopt 

"It takes time , love, more time and patience to settle a rescue dog into you family life !


Still want to go ahead then please contact us via Adoption Enquiry Form above we very much look forward to helping you