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No Boundaries Dog Rescue is dedicated to helping dogs from Romania find their forever homes. We also help rescuers in Romania by supplying food and running spay and neuter campaigns to help ease the burden of unwanted puppies being born.

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Our Story

Why Romania? - Why not! There are no boundaries in dog rescue 

Founder, Tracie Hussey

No Boundaries Dog Rescue

In 2016, after the loss of my brother, I got to scrolling through Facebook, and learnt of the horrors and cruelty to the street dogs in Romania. One little dog caught my eye; Tinkerbelle. She's in my arms on the right in the photo in the upper left-hand corner of this page. A process of adoption began and 3 weeks later I was delivered her by transport into my home!

Well I couldn't leave the story there, and I got into helping more dogs. It's very addictive and once you allow these lost souls into your life you just have to carry on. Now 4 years later and having saved and re-homed over 300 dogs we are still going strong.

I now have private kennels in my home, where all our dogs come from Romania after being prepared. Here we get to know them so when potential adopters come along we can match them to right home.


As the rescue has grown so has my team and I am very fortunate to have a lovely team to help with the adoption process.

We are a friendly, committed team and are very approachable. In return we ask all potential adopters to really think hard before applying to adopt.

"It takes time, love, more time and patience to settle a rescue dog into you family life!"


If you still want to go ahead, then please contact us via the Adoption Enquiry Form linked above. We very much look forward to helping you.


If you can help No Boundaries Dog Rescue continue our work with a small donation, we would really appreciate it!

Meet the Team

Helen Whiley 

Adoption Coordinator 


Helen has a wealth of experience in helping with the rescue dogs, having adopted two amazing Romanian dogs, Amor & Emma herself. Having gone through the adoption procedure herself, she understands the needs and time required for a rescue to settle. We are so lucky to have her along when helping our newbies settle in as they arrive in the centre. 

Helen's other love is her gardening and walking her lovely dogs.

Simonne Mawdsley 

 Adoption Coordinator 

simonne mawdsley .jpg

Simonne started out as one of our foster carers and has now come aboard to help with all enquiries into adopting one of our lovely rescues.


Simonne also owns the lovely Skye who helps rescues to settle into her home when the needs arises for some home care .

Annie Head 

Post Adoption Coordinator 

annie head .jpg

Annie works alongside the rescue helping to settle in our new rescues, registers all the dogs microchips to their new owners, and deals with adoption contracts. If you need to contact Annie with any query, click the Post Adoption help button below.


Alongside her admin work with No Boundaries Rescue, Annie also works as a PA to Tracie for her Swimming Pool Company. She enjoys her garden in her free time!

Christine Dawson 

Foster Codordinator 

Christine started out as a foster carer with no boundaries rescue, and quickly turned into a failed foster and adopted the lovely Luna through us. Christine went onto adopt Bentley another romie rescue, and came on board as our foster coordinator. Christine would be delighted to talk to you if your are interested in offering a rescue dog a foster space. 

Along with our many activities, working as a paramedic also keeps our lovely Christine busy!

Melissa Aspin 


Mel has a wealth of experience in helping owners to understand where their dogs' behaviour is coming from and how to help stop it and move forward to create a happy relationship with your dog. If you have adopted a dog through No Boundaries Rescue you can access her help through our Adoption Support Network.

If you have a dog and you are looking for advice and help,  Mel can be contacted via her Facebook page by clicking on link below, and messaging her through the messenger feature.