Thank you for taking a look at my website & reading about our  commitment to helping save dogs from Romania.


My name is Tracie and I started No Boundaries Rescue in 2016. Due to the loss of a much-loved Brother I needed a purpose and what better way to honor his love of animals than by turning my attention to the plight of Romanian Dogs -  life had a focus and a mission !  We now have a strong team small but very committed  Helen Whiley who adopted two roamie rescues, Helen is our Adoption Coordinator and is very passionate in finding the right home for each saved dog a home, we have Christine Dawson our Foster Coordinator who also has two roamies and just  loves talking to people about the rewards of fostering and Annie Head our Post Adoption Coordinator who is on hand for advice post adoption. We are all passionate about saving and matching, we will always  

Since 2016 We  have saved over 300 dogs and the feeling of seeing each dog find peace is so special.  Of seeing them feeling grass beneath their feet for the first time, being able to sleep without fear of the dog catchers getting them, or having to fight over food, or avoid cars and hardship. They really are a special breed of dog and despite their experiences, love and trust shines through each and everyone of them.


We have a very small set up where I bring 5-10 dogs at a time. They spend time with my dogs and my volunteers who help to socialise and assess them to ensure we can let them be adopted as successfully as possible. Other dogs are adopted direct.


Meet and Greets are encouraged here at our haven. You can spend as long as you need to get to know your new dog before going home.  If you have resident dogs they are always welcome as well.


Please note we very rarely have dogs waiting at haven so talking to us and letting us find your new dog is best way forward.

This  video was a visit to Danyflor Shelter in March 2019 which is situated in Timisoara in Romania since then we have managed to save 6 that all have settled into loving homes in UK 

This is private run shelter and the dogs are placed here after being caught by the dog catchers, some are owned and maybe lucky enough to be claimed, but for the majority of 650 dogs left in here their only hope is us! 

I am solo rescuer doing my best to try and save as many as I can but it just not enough sadly, the ones who have been saved have gone onto to be settled lovely dogs in there homes 

2018 no boundaries rescue one by one